12+ Gundam Shining Break Extra Parts Pictures

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There is a substantial amount of leftover pieces from the shining gundam combined with some duplicate parts newly made for the gundam shining break. The gf13 017nj shining gundam is a mobile fighter featured in the anime mobile fighter g gundam.

High grade build divers hgbd hai guredo birudo daibazu is a line of gunpla kits of the mobile suits from the gundam build divers series.

Gundam shining break extra parts.
Does anyone know what these parts are for.
The kit only contain one unit of leo npd but with extra parts of 4x head 3x shoulder armor and 2x backpack for you to switch around.
Mecha gaikotsu 85936 views.

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1144 hgbd gundam shining break height.
I have built about a dozen kits and many have extraspare parts in them that the booklets have exes on.

All parts come molded in multiple colors with stickers provided to add extra colors and markings.
I got kamiki burning gundam and i just completed it but i seem to have a good number of extraunique parts.
The emblem parts are golden plated for superior detail and the red parts feature a smooth glossy finish for extra impact.

Watch and learn more.
I can post pics if it helps.
Theyre all on the a sheet of parts and i went over the build multiple times dont see any reference to them.

You get a lot of extra parts to play around with.
Hg gundam shining break is done.
Get your own shining break 34 gundam here 1144 hgbd gundam shining break.

Gundam has never looked so good.
Hg gundam shining break review mecha gaikotsu duration.
This product may contain small parts.

5 seconds of screentime.
It can transform from ms form to aircraft form and.
It is split into two lines.

For those that are all about customizing their gundam models you cant ask for much else out of a kit except for a double peg backpack connection.
What is with the extra parts in gunpla kits.
It is not a toy and.

34 of a gundam left over.
The standard hg 1144 model kits and high grade build custom which consists of accessories to enhance other.
In a bizarre twist mecha gaikotsu discovers one of the most interesting parts of the hg gundam shining break isnt the completed model itself its the almost complete second gundam worth of parts you get leftover in the runners.

From the gundam build divers break manga comes a kit of the protagonists gunpla the gundam shining break.
022 hgbd 1144 gundam shining break.
It was built by the nation of neo japan for the 13th gundam fight and is piloted by the series protagonist domon kasshu as well as occasionally by his crew member rain mikamura.

Anyone wanna help me figure out what they are.
Its driving me nuts.
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What is with the extra parts in gunpla kits.

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