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G gundam has only a few mild relations. Every gundam series before and after has been essentially the prime examples of the real robot genre.

The shining finger sword is one of domon kasshus two special signature moves in the anime mobile fighter g gundam the other move being the erupting burning finger.

G gundam shining finger quote.
It was the second mobile fighter used by neo japan in the 13th gundam fight and is piloted by domon kasshu.
All rights for g gundam and the characters in this vid belong to bandai entertainment c 1994 20.
The gf13 017njii god gundam aka g gundam burning gundam in the english dub is the titular mobile fighter of mobile fighter g gundam.

Vines that i can quote from memory turn on captions duration.
Mobile fighter g gundam kidou budouten g gundam litmobile fighting legend g gundam is the first alternate universe in the gundam franchise.
It was built by the nation of neo japan for the 13th gundam fight and is piloted by the series protagonist domon kasshu as well as occasionally by his crew member rain mikamura.

Domon and rain use their own version of the sekiha tenkyoken.
G gundam is the one of the very few gundam series to feature these and the only one with the lengthy variant being a super robot show.
The gf13 017nj shining gundam is a mobile fighter featured in the anime mobile fighter g gundam.

Barkleys bizarre adventure quad.
This is not for monetary gain i dont own anything from the creatorspublishersetc of.
The shining finger darkness finger and god finger from g gundam.

The move is accompanied by an epic barrage of cheesy dialogue flashing colors and a heroic soundtrack making it a popular target of audioswap videos.
Mobile fighter g gundam g kido butoden ji gandamu mobile fighting legend g gundam is a japanese animated television series.
Just a combo of shiningburning finger themes with some samples from the show to increase the hype factor.

Face palm of doom.
50 videos play all mix slamming finger quad city djs vs g gundam youtube.
As the successor of shining gundam the god gundam.

Despite all the terrible things i have done there has never been one dark gundam cell in my entire body.
Notable as a significant departure from the normal gundam saga in that it was essentially a super robot show.

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